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Promotional Small Digital clock

Small Digital clock

From £5.95 each
Promotional 4 in 1 multi function clock

4 in 1 multi function clock

From £14.90 each
Promotional Folding plastic desk clock

Folding plastic desk clock

From £2.29 each
Promotional Flexi man alarm clock

Flexi man alarm clock

From £1.77 each
Promotional Desk clock

Desk clock

From £2.87 each
Promotional Wall clock

Wall clock

From £10.18 each
Promotional Water powered alarm clock

Water powered alarm clock

From £6.35 each
Promotional Water clock

Water clock

From £10.21 each
Promotional Kitchen timer

Kitchen timer

From £1.53 each
Promotional Trend Desk clock

Trend Desk clock

From £4.36 each
Promotional Digital desk clock

Digital desk clock

From £3.32 each

Promotional Plastic Clocks, Printed Plastic Desk Clocks, Clocks

Promotional plastic clocks are in many ways one of the most important pieces of promotional merchandise, they sit on a desk all day and are constantly used. In today’s modern society most people have jobs that rely on getting to the place of work on time, people arrange meetings at specific times, people arrange social events and agree to meet up at pre-arranged times, all of these events rely on a clock of some sort. Printed plastic desk clocks are an essential item to have on a desk, it will be looked at intently and along with the time your logo will ingrain itself in their mind, reinforcing your brand. Promotional clocks are surprisingly cost effective costing less than you might imagine, making then great promotional gifts.

There is a wide choice of clocks available in our collection from the standard desk clocks to the quirky including a Rubik’s cube clock, that screams 1980’s, and with the retro revival are proving to be fantastically popular. We also have multi-functional clocks that incorporate photographs. For the companies that are environmentally conscience we have a range of eco friendly clocks, with the water clock being the most popular. This water powered clock will ensure that you will never need batteries again, a great invention and one of the most popular promotional products.

For those looking for something a little different we have a wide selection of promotional metal clocks and a range of weather stations.