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Promotional Hip Flask Keyring

Hip Flask Keyring

From £3.92 each
Promotional Bottle Opener Keyring

Bottle Opener Keyring

From £2.61 each
Promotional Pitch Repairer Keyring

Pitch Repairer Keyring

From £2.97 each
Promotional Rapalo Round

Rapalo Round

From £2.18 each
Promotional Delta Round Keyring

Delta Round Keyring

From £1.81 each
Promotional Adelaide Keyring

Adelaide Keyring

From £3.63 each
Promotional Padlock Keyring

Padlock Keyring

From £1.45 each
Promotional Swing Keyring

Swing Keyring

From £1.67 each
Promotional Star Keyring

Star Keyring

From £1.38 each
Promotional Airplane Key holder

Airplane Key holder

From £1.50 each
Promotional Footballer Key Ring

Footballer Key Ring

From £1.06 each
Promotional Key Metal Keyring

Key Metal Keyring

From £1.22 each

Promotional Metal Keyrings, Printed Metal Keyrings and Engraved Metal Keyrings

Choosing the most appropriate promotional items can be tricky, there are a number of factors to consider, what is our budget? Who is our target market? What message are we trying to promote? Sometimes it can be tricky to find a gift that appeals to both sexes, but with promotional metal keyrings here is a gift that is both useful and desirable for both. With printed metal keyrings and engraved metal keyrings there is a wide range of choice not only the traditional rectangular key rings but modern, sleekly designed pieces that really do say something about your company and the message that you are promoting.

Promotional metal key rings do not have to be costly, there is a wide range of choice the fun bottle opener keyring is a great piece of promotional merchandise, it fits most budgets and is great as a mass giveaway product for shows or mailers. If you are look for a gift that is a little more substantial then the delta round key ring often hits the mark.

Customising key rings is quick and effective as well, many people often think that laser engraving is the only option as screen printing results in the ink pealing or scratching off. Due to advances in ink and sealants we can now print direct on to the metal base, this opens up options as printed metal key rings can look extremely effective and stand out on a keychain. The final customisation technique is full colour epoxy domes, this opens up full colour printing on a key ring, so any message can take centre stage. Promotional keyrings are incredibly effective marketing tools, that appeal to all age ranges and both sexes, these promotional gifts will take some beating.

We also have a range of promotional plastic keyrings, promotional lanyards and promotional leather keyrings.